Comfylight is a recessed lighting fixture that combines a built-in heating/cooling vent to create an all-in-one, discrete ceiling unit.

This innovative design eliminates the need for multiple, unsightly, traditional vents and provides a more minimal, designer look that also delivers heating, ventilation, and air to improve the comfort of living and workspaces.

Great for customizing new home builds or remodeling existing rooms.


Save Money

On average $17/Yr
is saved per unit

time saver

Save Time

Cut install time down to 2 minutes per unit compared to 20 minutes traditional.


Discreet & Modern Design

2-in-1 compact design eliminates the need for additional holes in ceiling.



Light Housing/ Duct Boot


Clean Aesthetic

Clean & Discreet Design

Clean Aesthetic

Clean & Discreet Design

All-In-1 Solution

Improve the look of a home, business, or studio ceiling by combining air vents and light fixtures into one compact, attractive unit.

  • 2 in 1 compact unit. Eliminating the need for additional holes in ceiling while providing a minimalistic look.
  • -Discreet and modern design -Multiple application possibilities( Fresh air, bypassjurnper duct) -Easy to Install (t-0 minute install)
  • 360 degree air distribution hidden in plain sight.
  • Telescoping bracket saves yout5 min or more compared to traditional boots.
  • Just extend telescoping arms and screw into place.

Upgrading Comfort

Upgrading Comfort

Discrete Application

Comfylight can also add air flow to rooms without installing separate vent units.

Simply replace existing light locations to improve room comfort by hiding vents in plain sight!

LED / Diffuser Grill

LED / Diffuser Grill

light roof


Benefits of providing better air distribution:

  • Increase occupancy comfort.
  • Minimize short cycling.
  • Increase lifespan of equipment.
  • Better temperature through out home.

Product Overview

Product Overview

comfy light 2

Key Features

  • Combines light fixtures and heating, ventilation, and/or cooling into one discrete unit
  • Compact design easily installs into ceilings with electrical and duct ready conjunction features.
  • Install during new builds for a more custom look.
  • Or, replace old lighting to provide added comfort transforming rooms into more enjoyable spaces.
  • Eliminate the need for large unsightly vents and achieve a clean custom look.

Comfylight warning label

Comfy Light warning and install instructions

Comfylight warning label

Comfylight warning and install instructions


This product housing (P6H) is designed for install of the H/VAC system ONLY, Do not attempt to use / attach any other trim / ring / design, Other than what is intended. Housing is only for the use to connect to H/VAC flex ducting, as P6H is designed to be installed as new Modern H/ VAC register boot. Housing (P6H) is NOT a can light housing, should never be used as a traditional can light housing. By installing this product you acknowledge that improper installation can lead to health hazard and/or exposure to dirty air in attic or other harmful air contaminations.

For proper help on installing this product please contact your local H/VAC or Electrician professional or contact us at ***-***-****
Install instructions-


Comfylight is designed to take over the spot of a traditional 6’’ can light, choose best location for air flow distribution. Use telescoping brackets to hang new 6’’ P6H register boot. Once register is screwed in place, you will connect H/VAC flex duct on top of round P6H register using duct tape and zip tie properly around the register to create a sealed connection.

120volts needed at the junction box located on the side on P6H register, LED light is controlled by standard room wall switch.


Once home is ready for trim, simply turn power off at the wall switch or breaker panel. Once power is securely off you may then plug in the LED light, use tension spring and carefully snap P6C in place for 360 and down air distribution.

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